Prague based band Pipes and Pints had a really wild and exciting year this past 12 months which concluded with the release of 4 brand new singles from the new upcoming album. Each single represents diversity of both band and genres in which they walk in easily. ,,Raise our Flag,, started the new era of the band and together with ,,Rebel in my Veins,, did not let old fans doubt that they are still their favorite Pipes. The other single which was a melodic one ,,Dark into the Night,, is influenced a lot by country, versus ,, Karma Killer,, which is influenced by sharp metal and rock and roll. Dark and Karma are both new for Pipes and Pints sound and this shows the beginning of their progress regarding sound and songwriting. Karma Killer is also a symbolic cutting ties of the past. ,,We are taking destiny back in our hands,, says band leader Vojta Kalina (bag pipes).

Pipes and Pints were formed in Prague in years 2006. The sound of their music was make by combination of traditional folk, country, and rock and roll all of this connected by sound of Scottish back pipes. This Combination of traditional instruments with energetic music is not just interesting but also functional in which the band supports by a very energetic stage presentation. The Band played dozens of shows and recorded their first EP and year after the long play debut named Until We Die.

The Band continues almost without stopping touring across Europe, Russia and UK for the next two years . The second album Pipes and Pints was recorded with well known producer from California Darian Rundall (he produced for example Pennywise, US Bombs and Suicidal Tendencies). The New album Found and Lost was released at the end of 2012 and was very well taken not just by fans but also had very well critics in Czech Republic and also abroad. In Czech won music genre awards Ceny Anděl in Punk and Hardcore category. Follow years was again full of touring and also some personal band changes. Because of changes the band had two years break.

Pipes and Pints are now back!! The brand new line up with new Irish singer Travis O’Neill. The band returned to the stages with more fire, wild and full of enthusiasm about their new era. During this year 2018 Pipes had already played dozens of shows supported by a tour in Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. The first four singles is vanguard of the first album with the new face and ,, a definitive entry into the new era‘‘. New album is out on 31st  May of 2019.