Until We Die

1. Intro – The Gael
2. Lets go 
3. City by the Sea 
4. All I know
5. Kensington club
6. Bad times 
7. Fight the Fight 
8. When the pipers play 
9. Heaven and Hell 
10. Braveheart 
11. Criticized 
12. Different way 
13. Where is My America

Lets Go

Hanging out rocking out  
All together having fun - Lets go! Lets go!  
City in and city out  
Every night we’re shouting out - Lets go! Lets go!  
Spending my time far away  
Meeting people everyday - Lets go! Lets go!  
City in and city out  
Let me here you shout it out - Lets go! Lets go!  

Rock the concrete!  
Roll and slide!  
We’re gonna ride until we die!  
Until we die!  
Rock the concrete!  
Roll and slide!  
We’re gonna ride until we die!  
Until we die!  

Passing past and memories  
Battling my disease - Lets go! Lets go!  
93 I started out  
I'll stay this way there is no doubt - Lets go! Lets go!  
I'm a Mugshot anyway  
Earned my scars in every way - Lets go! Lets go!  
Come on raise your voice with me  
Sing it loud and proud with me - - Lets go! Lets go!  

City By the Sea

24-7 always alive this city's got action day and night  
The summer nights are hot as hell and the city lights go  
Jimmy fast and Jimmy D without a cause had an effect on me  
Walking down an alley street shaky ground beneath my feet.  

We remember the deadly fall  
In our hearts we remember them all  
The fire wings of liberty never lose a feather  
And we love the city by the sea  

99 the devil got loose 2001 all hell broke loose  
Babylonian catastrophe shot down like  
Mr. Law and order going by the book  
A rage you took without a look  
He told the east no mercy for you  
Just a hard goodbye is what I got for you  

City by the sea!  

All I Know

I read in the book of memories  
I know that fate will decide  
Where will go where will be  
Undecided road in front of me  
Blue eyes black mind misses J  
Mind travels on the way  
True desires fake business  
Iron minded inside my head  

Somethings burning deep inside  
Something that I cant explain  
It takes me over every time  
When I stand in front of you  
Life is tough! Life is rough!  
You got to fight to make it through  
If you wanna say what you think  
You got to give everything!  

Going on is all I know  
My bloody knuckles say it all  
From east to west  
I've done my best  
Going on is all I know  

When you fall in love and don't know why  
When you’re shooting up and not feeling high  
When you ask yourself what am I  
Your reflection saying what am I  
Who am I is the question why  
What am I is the answer why  
Going forward is all I know  
Going on is all I know!  

Kensington Club

Just another night  
at the Kensington club  
looking for replacement love  
for the one I've lost  

All this emptiness  
feels like guiltiness  
seems to me like  
I'm getting paralyzed  

Don't know how to go  
on with my life  
with her by my side  
everything was right  
Nothings going right! Nothings going right  
just another night to be running  
Running wild!  

I'm always on my own  
Drinking all alone  
There is nothing that I can say  
That I can call my own.  

She's always playing games with me  
I'm just another fool  
I'm just another black jack  
Who got played really good  

Take another step back  
Think of what you say  
Maybe then you'll realize  
You got to change your way  

The influence of all your friends  
Baby girl you make no sense  
Seems to me you've got no opinion of your own  

Burning screaming lungs aren't breathing  
Life will always savage you!  
Inside! Inside! Your golden cage!  

You threw me in the gutter  
I'll make it to LA  
A pocket full of change  
Stuck at San Diego bay  
Waiting for the bus  
To take me up town  
I hit the Rock and Roll Cafe  
We’re rolling out of town  

This is where you put me  
And this where I stay  
I'm rockin and I’m rollin far far away!  
Far! Far away!  

Bad Times

I remember the times being broken down and cold  
Had no one nothing and no where to go  
No money in my pockets and the street was my home  
I remember those days all too well  
I've seen tough guys die mothers leave and children cry  
A wise man says son I'm ready to die  
Some questions will be answered by the dices of life  

What you gonna do? When Mr. Good and bad!  
What you gonna do? When misses hate and love!  
What you gonna do? When they come knocking at your door!  

When you’re down in the pen and you’re doing your time  
And the love outside makes you lose your mind  
And you are hoping that she”ll be there for you  
The world is spinning round you got nowhere to go  
Survival everyday is all you know  
But those times will pass by too  

The longer I stay the more I'm gonna die  
The more we talk it's a fight not to cry  
No one gets along with anything I say anyway  

Fight the Fight!

Fight the white supremacy!  
Fight against worlds poverty!  
Fight the rich tycoonity!  
Fighting wars captivity!  
Fight the famine far away!  
Fight the cheap hostility!  

Your battling down my motivation  
Don't fucking drag me down no more  
I'm sick of your cheap conversation  
I can't take it anymore  
Your framing thoughts are circled in  
Try to open up within  
Don't vote for propaganda war  
Be open-minded then you”ll score  

Fight the fight!  
Fight the fight!  

Fighting wars captivity!  
Fight the famine far away!  
Fight the cheap hostility!  
Fight against worlds poverty!  
Fight the rich tycoonity!  
Fighting this society!  

September carnivals in town  
Bloody war zone empty town  
The twilight zone took over now  
A soldiers like a dollar bill  
Families can't say goodbye  
Just letters with cheap sympathy  
God’s warriors killing themselves  
And snipers on the window sills  

When the Pipers Play

(traditional, arranged by Pipes And Pints) 

I hear the voice  
I hear the war  
I hear the sound on a distant shore  
I feel the spirit of yesterday  
I touch the past when the pipers play  

These pipes keep playing for you and me!  
They kept on singing you”ll soon be free!  
And your soul won't fade away  
You live forever when the pipers play!  

People’s fears  
It’s a deadly cry  
Some shall live  
And some shall die  

And though the pasts  
So far away  
I touch the past  
When the pipers play!  

It speaks of love  
That I have lost  
It speaks of my eternal cost!  
It speaks the price  
Of things to pay  
A price remembered when the pipers play  

Heaven And Hell

Angels flying threw the clouds I'm not dead at all  
Corner streets I sleep alone head is spinning round  
Hanging out rolling round that's my thing to do  
now I'm here and back again to prove myself to you!  

Hey! Hey! Hey!  
Heaven and hell  
Hey! Hey! Hey!  
Heaven and hell  

Heaven and hell  
Lost and found again  
Heaven and hell  
Saying I’m no good  
Heaven and hell  
Face to face again  
Heaven and hell  
Rock until I die  

U.S. disaster struck a nation 63  
Wax and me been rolling since 1993  
Mighty storms are rising when I come around  
Music is my weapon you can't push me around!  

Walking streets of penalties  
Passing past and families  
Rejected by the eyes I see  
Good and bad inside of me  


(melody inspired by the motion picture)  

This on is dedicated to all the bravehearts!  
I was kicking for a team of blue angels  
Entering gates of burning hell  
Walking through the purgatory  
Facing all the sorrow  
How many aces does death hold in its hands?  
This goes out to the bravehearts  

Depending on the call  
Running into a rain of fire  
Or sticking our hands in a bloodbath  
Smelling sweat or breath of death  
Our hearts will never calm down  
This goes out to the bravehearts  

Now farewell, we have to go  
There is a braveheart in each and one of you  
I believe this is true  
There is a braveheart in each and one of you  
This goes out to the bravehearts  


Stereotypical citizens ignoring everything today 
Turning their heads when they walk my way  
Got damaged by society you wanna war zone look inside of me
Theres chaos burning inside of me  

Open your eyes!  
Open your eyes!  
I'm not a disguise!  

Fake friends and depression fought my wars with all aggression  
Cannot stop these pounding fists in me  
Hated! Traded! Mislocated! Not accepted not related!  
What do you see when you look at me!  

Mind over matter is what we wanna shatter  
We wanna be on top that’s why we climb the ladder  
Packed up and stacked up sick of getting jammed up  
Won't let it happen again  

My reflection’s weird on you  
Tell me who the fuck are you!  
Don't back off  
And don't act nice!  

My reflection your affliction  
Shooting bullets in the wrong direction  
I shout this message out to you!  

When I walk the streets like a cyclone terminator  
I really try to help in every coming matter  
They’d rather kill me like an angry pitching batter  
Open your eyes and try to change your channel!  
Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Open your eyes!  

Different Way

Channel 55 propaganda again  
A broken heart and an open end, an open end  
She drowned the love shot me away  
Confusing words had to get away, had to get away  

Nothing to say but preach and pray  
Confusing words and a lie today  
We live our lives in a different way  

Dont wanna hear what you have to say  
Not at all, not at all  
All I know I had to  
Had to get away  

A rainy day’s thoughts swept away  
Cold blooded body laying next to me, laying next to me  
Jailbird Tom Werner too lost in the past  
The next one could be, it could be you  

Nothing to say but preach and pray  
Confusing words and a lie today  
We live our lifes in a different way  

Where Is My America

Pictures of America  
Seem to fade away!  
The youth is getting damaged  
By todays society!  
The hate is like a fireplug  
Inside of you and me!  
Where is my America  
Where's it gone today!  

Obscurity and emptiness  
We had it all before  
Can’t you find something else  
Besides the fucking war!  
Water ashes in the sky  
And people disappear beneath that sky!  

Black gold dead gold  
Stealing drop by drop!  
The senate does not care  
Where the bombs are really dropped  
A life is born we take it all away  
By fucking war and political stupidity!  
Brainwashed by the TV everyday  
Don't believe in anything they say  
Reality is better enemy  
Its nothing but propaganda anyway!  

Hey! Hey! Hey!  
Whats it gonna be  
Hey! Hey! Hey!  
It’s a mad society  
Hey! Hey! Hey!  
I’m a raging bull  

If you wanna say what you think  
You got to give everything  

You make the changes every other day!  
You and me  
The fighting man  
The working class  
Make those changes everyday  
You make the changes every other day!

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