Found and Lost

1. She's the One (3:19)
2. Calling Me (3:10) 
3. Never Let You Down Pipes and Pints (2:45)
4. One Connection (2:21) 
5. Right Or Wrong (2:46) 
6. Found and Lost (2:58)
7. Her Life and Thoughts (2:51)
8. Blackhearted Doubts (3:11)
9. Fear Is Just a Feeling (2:45) 
10. Runaway (3:39)
11. Warpath 82 (4:01)

Blackhearted Doubts

Kicked in society 75
Analyzed in 84
Side walk tears everyday 
Military white trash family 
Been back and forth and around in this world 
my life for you is like a movie world 
Hesitated mysticated my mind is being indicated 
of the things I really wanna do 
Sadness, madness, broken hearts
All those things I had before 

Black hearted doubts 
Running after me 

Twisted mind since 93 
Heartache, homeless, pills and misery 
Been down and out upside down 
This fucked up world still spinning round 
They locked me up they tied me down 
This confused mind still going round 
Manipulated, isolated, don’t wanna be self medicated
Self destruction all the time 
Broken, beaten, blacked out too 
All those things I had them too 

Forgotten thoughts inside my head 
Forgotten friends they want me dead 
Black hearted doubts are running after me 
Running after me 

Calling Me

Lost my fun for the bar
Trying not to get high anymore 
The change I want is more and more 
Its more and more! 
Don’t get me wrong there’s still some days 
where I got to throw a pill just to get away
I crawl deep inside myself 
And I try to think it away! 
My fucked up ways losing 
Friends on the way 
my damaged brain is violating me. 
Never happy never sad must of lost it 
Some where inside my head. 

Emptiness, violence 
Self conscience calling me 

Fake smile dead give away 
What the hell you want from me
Fake smile dead give away 
What the hell you want from me 

As I walk threw population thinking of annihilation 
Wise guys always telling me 
man your to blind to see 
They really try to talk me down saying 
I’ll be going down 
I’m not gonna let them waste my time 
Look at them all their attention is mine 

Fear Is Just a Feeling

Broad ripple riverside 
Fake ID and liquor fights 
Stealing cars and pawnshop dealing 
It reveals my inner feeling 
I’m a clown with a frown 
Your disgust is my crown 
Adrenalin and fire play 
I turned and burned the fear in me 

Fear is just a feeling 
That’s deep inside of you 
Confusing and abusing 
those feelings inside you 
Fear is just a feeling 
Playing games with you 
Fear is just a feeling 
Deep inside of you 

Scream and shout tattooed skin 
Fear is born without within 
Eye fucked by society 
we all get fucked by society 
Fear could come on any day 
Mind wrestle knuckle play 
Nightmares and bloody pay 
Release the anger burn the fear 

Fear is just a feeling 
yeah that’s deep inside of you and me 
Don’t struggle with axiety 
Tell your fear I’m your enemy 
Fear is just a feeling 

Found And Lost

Lucy and me 
had a black history 
with poisoned thoughts 
and a bleeding misery 
We shared a street family 
and nobody let nobody down 
Even when hostility 
turned into a fight. 

Found and lost 
A moment of a memory in your eyes 
Found and lost 
Some things we just can’t despise 
Found and lost 
Scars and heartaches in our lives 
Found and lost 
Bad luck memories never die 

There was a time 
when we were far from reality 
Evil faces, 
never knowing who was the enemy 
That time has passed and gone 
and we’re lucky to be alive 
and deep inside we know 
friendship never dies 

Life And Thoughts

Self discussions in her head 
when she walks the streets at night 
Survival code counts in every way 
A broken home left all alone 
She’s hooked on drugs to find a home 
Unwritten future everyday 

Doesn’t wanna talk! 
Doesn’t wanna listen! 
She’s cursed by one wrong decision 
She plays the play, takes the pay 
Doesn’t realize she could pass away 

Lowlife thoughts and clouded visions 
plague him threw the day 
Pills of suffering make him scream 
Minutes turn to days, hours turn to years 
Homeless, hopeless, day to day 

All their life they walked without 
any kind of real direction 
Never thinking that they 
could end up dead 
They came and saw 
They come and gone 
All there life there on the run 
Never realizing what 
they could be missing 

Never Let You Down

Here we are you and me 
Singing songs and rolling free 
Raise your drink 
and lets go wild tonight 

Raise your voice and sing with me 
Scream and shout scream with me 
Tonight’s the night will never let you down
Here we are, here we go 
Street life songs and ready to go 
You know our tunes will never let you down 

Here we are you and me 
Singing songs and rolling free
Raise your drink 
And let’s go wild tonight 

I rock with you 
you rock with me 
A new pack of words 
you can sing with me 
And you know will never let you down 
Here we are in your town tonight 
Circle pit singing and ready to fight 
And you know will never let you down 

The sound inside your head 
to me punk rock is never dead 
And you know will keep this sound alive 
this soundtrack of your lives 
Never let you down 

One Connection

In 2001 I had my best friend die 
In 2006 Werner followed in the sky 
Lucy and me had to laugh and cry 
Tommy’s wondering why the best ones have to die 

I’m gonna show you what it means to be alone. 
Conversations, crowded rooms, put me on my own 
Fake friends with sympathy 
Don’t mean a fucking thing to me 
One love! Punk rock! Rock for life is all I got! 

Hey, ho! Stand your ground 
Don’t let no one drag you down 

My past made me a clockwise ticking enemy 
with hatred, love and empathy. 
The connection between T.O.V.V. 
is the music that’s pouring out of them and me 

Right Or Wrong

Most of my life I’ve been all alone 
Living my life and being on my own 
Fake friends that I left behind 
told me I’m wrong all the time 
I never cared for what they said to me 
Right or wrong happens anyway 

Behind the wreckage of my life 
remains a secret deep beneath 
Riddles come and riddles go 
sometimes I got nowhere to go 
foot steps of my memories 
and the trails that I still have to walk 
Those will be the lessons, the lessons in my life 

Right or wrong
No matter what they think of me 
Right or wrong 
No matter what they say to me 

People say I got black angels 
Flying round inside my frame 
Shattered my life in a thousand pieces
and I’m down and out most all the time. 
I live my life in silence 
and my mind is just too tough to die. 
It’s running round in circles 
but I do know right from wrong 

Shattered ashes left behind 
of the ones who died to young 
I lived the same but I lived on 
life is a trigger with ticking bomb 
Got season tickets to what is wrong 
right or wrong this is my way 
Right or wrong all the way 

Who would of thought 
I would make it on my own
I pushed myself ahead 
and did it on my own 
the blind where wrong my wrong was right 
my right was wrong my wrong was right 
That is why I’m going my own way 

Run Away

I was a punk on the streets 
fighting for something that I could never reach 
From all the dreams I had 
one really came true 
I get to sing my songs 
in front of all of you 
I’m a put run away since 1975 
10 years later baby yeah, I knew just how to survive. 

Run away, run away 
Run away, some kinda run away 

For such a long time 
Grey is all I’ve seen 
In the dark I’m watching the city scene 
Turned myself away from what 
has turned me grey 
I’m a dirty patch 
staining streets with words I say 
Survival in the gutter 
Yeah, the street she was my mother 
I’ll stay true to you 
And keep you plans in front of you

Bought myself a ticket for a run away train 
I’m just a madman who’s walking through the rain 
untouchable cause I am insane 
I’m gonna scream my words 
in your face tonight! 

She’s The One

February 28 at 1.33 
lady secrecy came looking for me 
Tattooed skin looks like a diamond ring 
Her blue eyes killed and pulled me in 
Expect the unexpected 
It always comes around 
Unexpected came around 

She’s the one 
Who puts a challenge to my life 
She’s the one 
Who gives me new life 
She’s the one 
I’m gonna treasure everyday 
She’s the one 
Who believes in me 
She’s the one 
Who stands strong with me 
She’s the one 
I wanna live for everyday 

Hate and love’s connected as a bone 
You can’t disconnect 
what’s growing on and on 
We both live a life in the core 
fast lane gotta slow down 
and catch the family train 
She’s hated condemned 
by the ones who hate me 
Admired and worshipped by me 

From here and on where 
moving on day by day 
Holding on getting strong 
by the words we say 
Expect the unexpected 
it always comes around 
When you don’t expected she’s around 

Warpath 82

Always moving forward 
even when it comes down backwards 
Unanswered questions come and go
Confused path in 82 
My life was changed in 92 
Made people sick with what I did 
got no regrets with what I did 
You messed me up way to long 
Now it’s time for me to move along 
No matter what you talk or say 
My life, my war, this is my way 
Warpath 82 
I know just what to do 

My teen years where mostly blind 
wasted youth and out of line 
Time is ticking away 
live life all the way 

I’m good and bad right and wrong 
a strange liar fucked up and strong 
My looks my thoughts my energy 
standing strong with integrity 
These stories that I’m telling you 
Yes theyre really true 
You got dreams, I got mine 
This hardcore life is not the line 
Playing life no where to go 
This is the only life I know 
Street life and the parts you play 
I wanna rock this life away 

Unlock Yourself

A burning heart, a burning soul 
rebel voice inside my head 
The words I gave I gave in blood 
until the day I die 
Stand your ground
don’t give in don’t show them 
that your down 
always be ready for the showdown. 

A golden cage locked inside of you 
Don’t complain about what you wanna do 
The fountain youth lives inside of you 
Your mind is free so what you gonna do 

Punks like you and me 
Don’t get no sympathy 
Got to fight the system 
In your own way 

Pathetic and a loser that’s 
what you told me years ago 
You tried to break my dreams 
but the shreds kept me alive 
32 skate session in the shadow of the night 
Rock! Roll! Ride! 
Let’s rock this show tonight! 

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